How about a part time job?

December 7, 2008 10:20pm CST
Since I have became a college student for more than one year, I am always considering that whether I should try to do something that can reduce the financial burden, but none of luck, I didn't think up a proper resolution yet. Some friends of mine had recommended me that I could take a part time job during my spare time or holidays. I thought that's a good idea before I really tried. But, when I tried to find one, I found that if you want to get a part time job you should pay some money to those agencies which introduce you to a company or shop offer a job to you.It sounds resonable, isn't it? But no, they charged not a little money, and maybe you even can't get back the intrducing fee after you finish your part time job. So I have no confidence in that and quit at last. Although take a part job not that easy as I thought before, some of my friends has made money from it, they tried much harder of course. Then I felt confused. Then what's your opinions, my friends? Is it OK to take a part time job? Give me a hand. I really can't decide.Thanks.
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@CRSunrise (2964)
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8 Dec 08
It's absolutely alright to have a job while you're in school, part-time or full. You don't necessarily need to go through those temp agencies to get a job. There has got to be a job board at your school that you can look at where you could find a job. There's even the newspaper.