Do any one really succeeded in Alertpay chargeback ?

New Zealand
December 12, 2008 4:00am CST
Well, about 3 times so far, I have send money to an online scammer and requested Alertpay for a chargeback by opening a support ticket. All the 3 times I was perfectly eligible for all chargeback. I mean, the transaction was done under 30 days, I have contacted the merchant before (no response from him) before filing the dispute, etc.. I have done everything I need to. Alertpay usually don't reply for my chargeback claim for about 3 weeks, and after 3 weeks they reply that they are trying and come up with some excuse telling me to read their Terms of service where its written that we are not responsible for any transaction we do online. Then, why on earth they even have a chargeback option in their website? . All the 3 times, I have got this same reply after 3 weeks and then finally 4 weeks gets over and I become ineligible for a chargeback. I think each time when someone trying to contact them for a chargeback, they come with a auto-response, (copying and pasting some text) and then tell us to read TOS and all those and delay for another week and become our chargeback invalid. Do you ever succeeded in Alertpay chargeback or do any of your friends succeeded?
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