United States
December 25, 2008 9:59pm CST
I think i heard someone say that our gaurdian angels look exactly like us by that i mean like a twin. has any one heard something like that or did i misunderstand
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@biggerb (2028)
• India
26 Dec 08
I have never heard this before.I know that Angels come in disguise.They may not have wings and halos but modern day angels are so powerful and practical that they can help you deal with day to day obstacles.God may not materialize before us in all his glory in times of crisis or despair but rest assured he will send his Angels to care for us.These Angels effect powerful changes with the simplest of actions and deeds, like the man who held the door for you because you were weighed down with packages, the school teacher who instilled confidence in you, all these people are Angels in disguise.They are very much like you and me.
@conbill (369)
• United States
26 Dec 08
I have never heard that guardians look like our twin. I did have a psychic once tell me that my grandmother was with me all the time. I'm not sure she meant she was my guardian angel though. She just said she was always with me looking out for me.
@k1tten (2321)
• United States
26 Dec 08
I've actually never heard of this. I've heard that they look like someone we've known for our whole lives. Though I'm not one to really believe in angels. If I did I wouldn't mind them looking like someone I've known all my life. But I'd be a little freaked out if they looked like me.