Do you like cheats in the game? if you like then check this out

January 11, 2009 9:26am CST
There are some cheats i use but i would like to share. means cheats that are useful. bot_zombie -All bots can't move bot_sniper_only -bots will use sniper rifles bot_pistol_only -bots use pistols only sv_gravity(as much gravity u want) -u can fly or u will die These are the cheats i use the most
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• United States
9 Mar 10
ohh i did not know that those were cheats. i probably would have used them if i had known about them. i dont really use cheats though. but that is interesting. just dont get yourself kicked or banned off a server for being known as a cheater. good luck with your gaming.
• Pakistan
24 Mar 09
• Belize
23 Jan 09
to be honest with you i certainly dont like to use cheats it changes the whole senario of the game. if u beat the game fast with all cheats such as crossing wall etc like ghost that is ruining the whole point of a game. a game is to entertain yourself spend time. havent you thought it like this? i have used cheats a t a minum only when i need it in places that i get stuck. most of the time it takes me like 2hrs of trying to pass the stage if after that i cant pass it, then i'll use cheats