Microsoft Word keeps calling Adobe Photoshop!

January 18, 2009 5:24pm CST
Hi, I am writing a college report in which I need to paste several pictures in between paragraph. I am using Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Microsoft Word 2007 and there appears to be some conflict between the two software. When I insert (or paste) a picture into Microsoft Word, it displays correctly, however when I try and resize the picture, Word temporarly freezes and Adobe Photoshop loads up on it's own. Once loaded, Photoshop doesn't appear to be doing anything, it just sits there ready to be used. If I go back into Word, sometimes it doesn't respond and sometimes I can use it fine, however I am in most cases unable to resize my picture still. Sometimes clicking on a picture inside Word without doing anything to it, causes Photoshop to load up. I am not asking how to resize a picture and I do understand I can do this within Photoshop, but I would like to know why Microsoft Word is trying to call Photoshop? and how do I stop this? Thanks for any help
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• India
19 Jan 09
don't copy from photoshop edit picture in ps then open in irfan view or other image viewer copy image then close viewer then paste in ms word OR close photoshop before paste in ms word
22 Jan 09
Excellent link, this answers my question perfectly. I now know why and thanks very much for the information. I have rated you for a best response.
• Philippines
19 Jan 09
Could be a new Feature for the two software. i would advice you to change the "text wrapping" for that picture before you resize. try tight or square. just an idea. if it won't work, i don't know what the problem with it.
19 Jan 09
I'm not sure where the text wrapping settings are and am not sure what that has to do with the picture.
19 Jan 09
Oh, I just saw the tight or square settings inside Word's preferences but I am not sure how this can help