What is the best position..

January 29, 2009 1:10am CST
What is the best position to best satisfy our partner needs? Do you guys have any interesting new positions that we all can try. No need to be so descriptive.
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• India
29 Jan 09
well i try different position for s**, but my favourie one is sitting position, when she is sitting on me and pass her legs around my waist.Happy SexLotting!
@Uroborus (911)
• Canada
29 Jan 09
Sexual positions - Poster showing various sexual positions
I'm not sure if there is a "best" position, but there are several that I've tried that both her and I like. The classic doggy is fun and always a good one. Another one that I don't hear used too much is the scissor position. You and she are laying down sideways, with your legs crossed over like two pairs of scissors. A third is one with the lady on top, but in a lying position. You're lying down on your back and she lays down on top of you with her back on you. In this position you can easily reach around and use your hands to stimulate different parts of her body.
• China
29 Jan 09
i dont know. i think u must have some experience , right? why not share it with us?