So, there's this story...

January 30, 2009 6:23am CST
Of me watching this David Cronenberg's movie "A History of Violence". To be short it's about a guy named Tom living a peaceful life with his family in a peaceful town of the USA and working in this little restaurant. One evening, serving his last customers, 2 weird guys enter the restaurant and ask for a coffee but Tom tell them that he can't because the restaurant is gonna close soon.The two guys then ask him again but this time in a very mean insisting manner, so Tom finally give up and accept to serve them. Litte by little, Tom and all the present people become aware the two fellows has very bad plans and suddenly Tom jump on one of them, take possession of one of the assassins gun and shoot them and nobody except the bad guys is injured. Few days later, Tom can go back to work and once again, he receives the visit of a guy, calling him Joey several time but this one reminds the customer his name is Tom but it seems the customer don't mind that. Eventually, the wife of Tom become aware that Tom Stall is an indendity Joey Cusack created before this current life and so they start arguing about this stuff and Tom say that Joey doesn't exist anymore, that he went to the desert to "kill" him. What makes me wonder is what did he do in the desert, to kill Joey, to get rid of his old idendity, of his past? Did he just walk or did he do any particular things according to you? If yes, what would that be?
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