How to save money when you have no money??

United States
February 9, 2009 2:47pm CST
every one always says to save money ,but how can that be done when you have no money at all?? I try to save change , but it seems like I have to cash it in every week so we can have food.
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@villageanne (8554)
• United States
21 Feb 09
We are in the same boat. I wish we had our home paid off then we would be ok. It seems health bills are killing us. Our insurance will not pay for much of my bills. You know that crazy "preexisting" rule. I hate insurance companies. We do raise a garden in summer so that gives us some money that we can use for other things. We live on what we raise. I make a little money on It helps alot too.
• United States
12 Feb 09
don't we all know how this is. Living pay check to pay check is just sad. I can't imagine not touching my saved money. I have tried and it's just gotton that bad...
@moneymommy (3420)
• United States
9 Feb 09
I now what you mean. It's very hard to save when you have no money. Especially when you have to cash in your change. I never had any luck saving money when I was that broke. But people would always say save your money. But its very difficult to do if you dont have any.