There Is Definitely Something Wrong At Pickjack - Beware

February 14, 2009 7:37am CST
Instead of my earnings increasing they are decreasing. I spent the last 2 days posting a total of 115 questions, I have 948 votes, yet my income has gone down instead of up. This is completely illogical. Yesterday I told mylotters that my income had gone down from $2.29 to $2.01 WELL TODAY MY ACCOUNT BALANCE IS EVEN LOWER it is now $1.97. Is anyone experiencing a decrease in their account balance? If you spend an entire day answering questions and posting good quality questions you do not expect your earnings to keep going seems that Pickjack can manipulate our earnings total whenever they choose. I know some mylotters have in the past had no problems with Pickjack but how have things been for you in the last 2 days? Have you noticed a decrease in your earnings? Do you still think Pickjack is a legit site?...I am beginning to have serious doubts.
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@satyakam (1112)
• India
14 Feb 09
Dear friend for this reason i advised not to waste time in pickjack but one member used wrong word against me and rated negatively ,as i was the first member in pickjack i know their system of operation ,they have fixed some money for paying in one paying cycle so if your income will grow up then other member's income will go down.
14 Feb 09
I think I will take your advise and not waste anymore of my precious time with Pickjack. It's such a shame because I was beginning to love the site...can you believe I was even thinking they could be even better for me than mylot?...BIG MISTAKE. Long live Mylot!!!!
• United States
15 Feb 09
This really SUCKS!! I also joined pickjack and posted over 10 questions on the first day, yet I was only paid $0.19, and no change even I posted more on the second and third day. It seems something wrong is going there. Anyway, thanks for reminding, maybe I need give it up too.
@Weho12 (76)
• Australia
10 Oct 09
Thanks for your thread about that dodgy site, i was nearly going to waste my time on it :P
• United States
15 Feb 09
Yep, me too! I checked mine again today and it went DOWN AGAIN. I now only have 80 cents in my account. I didn't do anything there today except check my balance. Hey, maybe doing nothing will make it go up. Maybe thats the trick :o). I am pretty disappointed as I was enjoying the site a lot. How do they expect people to stay with them if they are active and their earned money is being taken from them? I would rather see my earnings go up in pennies than to seeing a dollar or more amount then have it be taken away for no reason.