Video Games

February 14, 2009 11:31am CST
I have been playing video games for about ten years now... from the psx,nintendo 64, gamecube,xbox,ps2,pc(mostly) and the 360. Gaming has really developed over the year just last night I popped my PSX out of my room hooked it up to my TV and played the game that I most enjoyed back then : Legend of Dragoon and it looked REALLY bad. I was really suprised because I remember it looking insanley good back then. I really didnt like the graphics but I thought the game play for some of the games back then is better then the game we have right now. I think that people are focusing more on Graphics then on Gameplay these days because in every review all you read about is how much time they put into creating a certain object and stuff like that. Do you think the gameplay these days is getting worse?
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