Henry VIII & His Six Wives...

Henry VIII & His Six Wives - Exactly what the subject line states...
February 16, 2009 11:48am CST
For a long time now, I have been fascinated with the story of the Tudors. Especially Henry VIII and is six wives. It's just so interesting! I have read Philippa Gregory's "The Other Boleyn Girl" about a year ago and I'm currently finishing up the second part to this novel, "The Boleyn Inheritance". Both of these books are pretty historically accurate and they're just such great novels... It always amazes me how people lived back then and some of the ridiculous things that they believed in. Especially, those of the higher classes and those who were regular coutiers. For most, it was all about power and moving up in the royal scale. They would backstab even members of their own families to get to the top, even if it meant their family members lives. Did these people have no scruples at all? Did they not have any consciences? Women (or young girls, should I say) were sometimes betrothed at the age of 9 and to a man (or even a boy) who was not much older than that. Or sometimes very much older than that, sadly. Why? Just to strengthen and form alliances with families of equal or greater power. Women had no rights whatsoever and weren't even allowed to get a proper education. Most women back then, most times could barely read and write and that's including those of a higher birth. It was just completely backwards and selfish living, if you ask me.... Henry VIII...Ugh...Now, he was the prime example of selfishness itself. He even claimed that God spoke through him and that his laws were pretty much God's will. He had some twisted thinking!!! In his time, most everything was considered treason. You couldn't say "Boo" without it be considered a treasonous act. One thing that's clear to me, Henry VIII wanted it his way or no way at all. In his later years, he was a gluttonous, gouty, stubborn, conscienceless man, who had two wives beheaded, left one to die after childbirth and conveniently got rid of the others by ridiculous and untruthful technicalities. In short, he was a real brute and one who, the more I learn about, the more I dislike immensely...What he did to these women, especially Anne Boleyn (who was not completely innocent in all things that she had done to others)and to Catherine Howard, is just beyond barbaric and devilish. It was just plain out selfishly wicked! My one satisfaction in regards to this ruthless king, is the fact that because of his obvious impotance (which of course he blamed his young wives for), his kingdom eventually fell into the hands of others. In my opinion, it was no less than he deserved.... Still, the story of Tudors continues to fascinate me and it probably always will, despite my repugnance for everything that Henry VIII did and was. It's my love of history that is at the heart of it all really.... In any case, please, I would love to know your opinion on Henry VIII and how he dealt with his wives and the subjects of his kingdom at that time....
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@mathss1 (1181)
• United States
4 Apr 09
I hate henry 8 how could he have done that it is impossible he was a dictator
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• Turkey
4 Apr 09
I agree, he wasn't a very good leader at all. Good leaders want what's best for their people but he just wanted what was best for himself... Thanks for your comment!
@jlamela (4909)
• Philippines
6 Aug 09
Well it's true, Henry VIII was very notorious and bad but then it was during his reign that marked England's reformation and progressed. Church of England was established during his time mainly because of his desire to annul his first marriage of Queen Catherine, when he broke his ties from Vatican City, he established the Anglican church and declared himself as Supreme head which title still bear by a British sovereign up to now.
@Krupik (95)
• Poland
6 Aug 09
Hello! I also LOVE this period in history. And would like to recommend to you books by C. J. Sansom. Criminal books in times of Henry VIII. Very, very interesting!!!