Convert your long Mylot replies to articles and earn money.

@cvrajan (356)
March 2, 2009 9:10am CST
Mylot wants you to write meaningful, insightful and long replies and if you do so, mylot says you can make more money here. Suppose you are quite knowledgeable on some subjects and you can write meaningful and coherent replies (in good English, with proper spelling, capitalization, punctuation etc), then what you have really done in mylot is equivalent to writing an article. If you are already a member in writing sites like Helium or Associated Content (AC), you can post your Mylot reply as an article there under appropriate titles. Helium accepts non-exclusive content (i.e., your article published elsewhere in the web) and AC too accepts them under "performance payment" category. In Helium, you should ensure a minimum word count of 400. If you become a starred writer at Helium, you can earn anywhere from 0.5 dollar to 2.5 dollar per such article as upfront payment too, provided your article fits in some of the eligible channels. You can also think of combining several of your short replies at Mylot under a common subject and reshape them into an article and post there. These articles, at Helium and AC can also fetch you page-view pennies provided some visitors come and read your articles. This way, you can get perpetual income. So, friends, write good replies, get your earnings for them at Mylot, convert them to articles, post them in the above sites and earn more money!
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