How could I forget my ex-girlfriend

March 14, 2009 9:51pm CST
Last year,I graduated from university,though we had say goodbye over a year. I still always thinking of her.Now we almost lose connection,because both of us are not willing to face each other. She is my second girlfriend,we ever loved each other deeply.In 2007,after the sunmmer holiday,our relationship concluded.I even can't believe it,I drunken myself,and my friends and classmates consoled with soft words.At last,I had to leave the city where I studies and planed to stay. I find a job in my hometown,I try to live a new happy life,but everymoring I wake up,her smile and voice hovers in my head.I still have not any interesting to find another girlfriend. I like Chinese classic poems,so I am a sentimental man,how could I forget my ex-girlfriend,or hide the beautiful and gloomy memory in my heart forever.
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@daneg33 (1131)
• Canada
16 Mar 09
So you still love her? Do you want to get back together with her? Maybe you should try?
• China
18 Mar 09
That's what indeed afflict me much.I don't wether i still love her or not.Maybe the reason is I don't want to confess the feeling.I am always try to aviod anything or any thought relates her.May be she has found a new boyfriend,I don't want to interfer her privacy.Now,we have a long distance,I wish the time will gradually reduce my unhappiness. Perhaps I have to accept this fact,as the "Slumdogmillionaire" saying,It's written.
• China
19 Mar 09
Everything will fade away with the long time. If you still love her very much ,you could try to contect with her , find out her current situation. if she is living a happy life ,please forget her.
• China
3 Jun 10
I heard the news,she married three months ago.