Why do men cheat?

@aidnul (111)
United States
March 22, 2009 8:32pm CST
Why do men cheat? I have asked myself that question several times. Is it inevitable? Is it unsatisfaction, is it just in their nature (biological). Because some men have great sweet devoted and beautiful wives and they still go out and cheat on them messing up their relationship and their lives. So please enlighten me, both men and women share you experiences, ideas,theories and facts.
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@prath_pk (19)
• India
23 Mar 09
First & foremost, the sentence is completely wrong that "men cheats", yse of course they do cheat but its not only men, but also women cheats and i ve fallen victim for being cheated by my own girl with whom i had been carrying around for 5 years and suddenly without an excuse got dumped. i was told by my girl that she needs some space & time to concentrate on her carrer & we should take a break. i readily agreed to it hoping that when we will reunite we will be more happy, but i didnt knew that it was a set up for me to think blindly. It was all done by her to get along with this other guy who was her colleague and when 6 months later i came to know about this she even refused to even face me and replied via sms that she didnt even wanted to talk or see my face ever again. Now that i m still expecting her back yet, although an year has went past & i m still alone. Now what you have to say on this. I dont know what has happened to girls these days but what has happened to me, couple of other friends of mine has also suffered the same way. Although my relation with the girl waas something i had always nurtured & cherished, gave her everything my girl asked for. She had all the freedom, space to be with her friends no matter if they are male, but i trusted her blindly, not to mention i loved her more than any1 else in this world and i still do, but she is not at all concerned about me at this moment. So i would say the question should be " Why do human-beings cheat?" rather than "Why do men cheat?" Sorry to all gentle ladies if i have hurted any1 but whatever i have stated above is the fact. And whatever i have told about me thats not even 1% of what i have suffered and m still suffering.
@aidnul (111)
• United States
23 Mar 09
You are right indeed. I totally agree that women do cheat and I was about to start another discussion with that topic. I wanted to keep them separate so each discussion might be more specific. Both genders do cheat and their reasons might be similar or different. You having gone through so much is just one example how infidelity hurts and keeps on hurting no matter who it's from. But the question is why? Could it have been prevented? Could the cheater resist? Were there some clues that could warn the victim? Why? I hope to hear more from you on the discussion for Why do women cheat.