long range wifi

@megh4u (372)
Alpharetta, Georgia
March 26, 2009 1:44am CST
Is it possible to create a long range wifi communication of about 2 km just to share computers and play lan games...... I have searched almost every shop in my place but still there is no one to solve my problem of providing of such range... what do you say is it possible and which wifi device provide such range and efficiency for communication. suggest any model which can fulfil my needs.
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@youless (94397)
• Guangzhou, China
26 Mar 09
wifi - wifi is a kind of wireless internet connection
This is a cool idea. Everything is possible. In the past we can't imagine there is a wireless connection but today it's very common. I hope there will be a long range wifi because it's so useful. I can take advantage of it and get online by my cellphone. I love China
@megh4u (372)
• Alpharetta, Georgia
26 Mar 09
ya..that's ture but I want to make connection and I want the specification to create this connection....and device as well.....
@syndrix (475)
• Malaysia
27 Nov 09
megh4u Yes it is possible to create Wi-Fi communication not only two(2) kilometer in range to share your computer in playing games. I have Wi-Fi/WLAN antenna with me and I am currently using it for FREE internet aside from my broadband, the range is one(1) kilometer radius I bought this a year ago and the cost is $57.00. There are many kinds and type of Wi-Fi/WLAN if you want not only two(2) kilometer in ranged but also costly it depends in dBm or the power output.
• Philippines
1 Sep 10
I have this link for reference. www.wireless-link.net They have arange os CPE devices that will suit your needs.