Does my step father have big love?

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March 26, 2009 10:05am CST
After being single for many years, my mom thought that she had finally found the one. She did not care that he was serving 3 years for a stand off with the cops. She married him on the way home from the state pin. The following year was hell on wheels for anyone near them. He had the ability to make any situation worse. It was during this time that my mom found out that he could be married to someone else as well. To make a long story short he is back in jail. My mom wants to know how do you pull up records to find out if my step father is still married to his ex or not. She had heard that there are sites that do this for free. Can anyone help me find one?
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@kprofgames (3103)
• United States
26 Mar 09
I don't know if there is a site for that or not, but a marriage liscence has to be filed and once filed it's public record so there has to be a way to check this out. There are websites to get the goods on people, but you usually have to pay for the information. Sorry, but unless you have an idea what county he was married in, I think this would be hard to track down for free. If you do have an idea what county he was married in, just go to that county court house and ask for a copy for the legal notice of the marriage liscence. Once it's filed, it's public record.