do you know what girls are thinking about when you date them?

March 27, 2009 12:44am CST
During the last few days,I've been going through a really hard relationship with someone.The date turns out to be a failure,and after I received her last message yesteday evening telling her feelings about me, I know we are over.Untill now,I'm still trying to figure out what has happened anyway,I try to reorginize my thoughts,but still don't know why. She is about four years younger than me.We dated twice,and everything was great,at least I feel this way.She ever said that I am a comfort to her and was willing to move on with me.I do whatever I could to behave well,try to be general and make her happy.But I was wrong. When we are not together,it's strange she talks little on the phone,and never send her message in time which keeps me waiting and waiting all the time for her response.Now it's clear that she has lost interest for me.I asked her to give a chance for an explanation but there's no explanation.She becomes unreasonable and unfair.On that message,she wrote:we are different in character,it would be a tiring thing if we stay together,so sorry for that.Oh!the character matter?I've never heard about that from her before!No more words,I let her go finally. My friends, maybe you are just dating someone you like so much.But do you really notice what she is thinking about you before you two make a decision to be toghther. or do you really sense that she also likes you? I
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@elghrasya (502)
• Philippines
27 Mar 09
Oh that was so sad. Maybe the feelings she had for you is not real. Or maybe he loves you but only for friends. Think of something that you have done to her maybe you did something wrong and you are not aware of it. Or you do something that turns her off or fall out of love. I am a girl but you know I can't answer you because she is the only one who can tell you the truth and the reason why all of a sudden she turns sour. But don't be sad there are lot's of girls around you and there is someone better for you. As what they have always saying maybe God will give you the best. So cheer up and don't be afraid to fall in love again.
• China
27 Mar 09
your words is a cure for are right she is the only one who can give me a answer.But I think I don't need it anymore.thank you!
@lexi19 (25)
• United States
28 Mar 09
I'm not sure what the question is really asking but I would definitely not try and "win" her back, or even try to get an explanation... Some people just don't go well together no matter how much you like each other. There was this guy I really liked, he was smart, funny, sweet, cute... etc (a lot of qualities i look for in a guy) and vice versa... he really liked me too. We tried dating and that didn't work out cause we were two different people.... we stopped then tried again like a month later (thinking it was just bad timing or something) cause we both had feelings for each other... but it just didn't work out. I know this isn't the same in your case cause it's more of a one sided thing... you feel for her, and she doesn't in return... If she thinks you two are different in character... there's no reason to try and change who you are to date this particular girl.... and if she's just lying, well then you obviously dont need to put up with that.
@Eweniks (362)
• Nigeria
28 Mar 09
Well, from your statement, I discover that the only reason she gave was that you two are of different characters, that you can't blend. It's left for you convince the girl that you will be able to cake care of her. If you meet I girl I like so much, I don't waste to create positive impression about myself before she begins to study my character. This makes it easier for me keep the relationship.
@srganesh (6348)
• India
28 Mar 09
Well,to be just friends,you shall not care for the full character.But for love,everybody will have some ideas and if that is not fulfilled,better say good bye early.That girl has taken the right decision on her side.I say,better luck for you next time.Don't lose heart.There are pretty girls all around the world.You will get your right company.Cheers!