Are You?

United States
April 1, 2009 1:48am CST
Are you one of those people who starts laughing over something that happened yesterday that you didn't get at the time. Like if someone tells you something and they put a little comment in that you didn't catch and then the next day you think of the conversation and it hits you what they said and you laugh outloud wherever you are and people look at you....cause there is nothing around to laugh at. I am one of those people...are you?
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• China
6 Apr 09
Definitely I am.Friends always call me "slow at half pace"
@littleowl (7157)
4 Apr 09
Hi summerfire, nope instead if someone talks about it then I do laugh for being so dim as not to know that it was a joke or taken it seriously! One of my sisters call me Dopey as at times I am like that and don't understand things and have to have them explained to me, especially if it is a littleowl
• Philippines
2 Apr 09
Yah. I am one. Though it only happens when there is an occasion. Hehehe.