do u buy things on impulse

April 1, 2009 6:16am CST
many times we buy things without giving it a thought,we just bump into it and there u are ,u fish out your wallet and you buy it,,,,,,,what i normally do when i feel like i wanna buy anything i bump on is to ask myself wether i need that stuff and i tell u what? it works coz i question the intention of my senses,is like i tell my senses that iam the boss u don't decide for me i do the thinking and finally decide what to buy or what not to buy,u get me right.have u ever noticed that when u enter into a supermarket u will find that in certain stands they have put very nice lightning systems with very cool music?this is to benumb your senses ,in fact u may not know that u have bought what u dont need until u reach next time u enter a supermarket and u know that u are an impulsive buyer beware of this marketing tricks and u will save your skin........................
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@agrim94 (3812)
• India
5 May 09
Hi alfpr 35, Impulse buying is there in every person, only its intensity differs. Some people cant stop themselves from buying everything there is in the market while some others would only buy what they need and have full control on themselves and yet give in to temptation from time to time. As far a i am concerned i usually behave when ever i go for shopping but then there are many things which i do buy which i dont need right now due to many reasons and most common is hey it got attractive discount or buy 1 get 4 scheme on clothes and then i regret it later. I should have more control on my spending habits.
• Malaysia
1 Apr 09
i sometimes do this. it's like- oh i so gotta have this! so i buy it without really thinking that do i really need it? is it really necessary? i'm trying to curb this habit though!
• China
1 Apr 09
Yes ,sometimes ,especially in supermarket.@_@
@syankee525 (6298)
• United States
1 Apr 09
oh i was good for this, but i finally learn that i had to stop for real.