do u buy things on impulse

April 1, 2009 6:16am CST
many times we buy things without giving it a thought,we just bump into it and there u are ,u fish out your wallet and you buy it,,,,,,,what i normally do when i feel like i wanna buy anything i bump on is to ask myself wether i need that stuff and i tell u what? it works coz i question the intention of my senses,is like i tell my senses that iam the boss u don't decide for me i do the thinking and finally decide what to buy or what not to buy,u get me right.have u ever noticed that when u enter into a supermarket u will find that in certain stands they have put very nice lightning systems with very cool music?this is to benumb your senses ,in fact u may not know that u have bought what u dont need until u reach next time u enter a supermarket and u know that u are an impulsive buyer beware of this marketing tricks and u will save your skin........................