What is the most important thing you can learn from your university ?

April 1, 2009 8:00am CST
I am a college student.The main things I do in my university are having classes,doing some research and doing exercises,just like most Chinese college students.I repeat this day after day.I know that the colleges years is a very important period in our lives.We have enough time to do something we want to do,and not burdened with livelihood problems.So what is the most important things you can learn from your university? I am waiting for your responses.
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@gerald_lian (2193)
• Australia
1 Apr 09
I think for me, the most important thing that I have learnt from my time in university is the ability to be independent in doing something. Since my college years, I have moved away from my hometown and studied in a place where I am on my own. Thus I am personally responsible for my own accommodation, food, buying groceries and so on, and that really helps develop my maturity in dealing with problems. The sense of responsibility also snowballs to university where you have to do most of the study yourself and not expect just to be spoonfed by the lecturers. Taking charge of your own studying is the basis of excelling in university, and you will normally see people who put effort into their studying excel with flying colors. Another important thing that I learnt from university too is the ability to communicate efficiently. As I am an Asian but studied in a university in Australia, I have always been afraid to talk, speak or communicate with the locals. But as I journeyed through university, the communication skills that I have learnt have shaped me into a person who can communicate better with others. My advice is to grab the chance to talk to others when you are presented with the opportunity. In conclusion, those two qualities are things that are not taught directly in university and is up to an individual to pursue them. I hope you will pursue after them too, because both of those qualities can be vital once you start venturing into the working world. Good luck, and all the best!
@yspring (272)
• China
2 Apr 09
so nice a comment ,,i am in china ,but i got the same value things in my university as yours.. Particularly i made a lot of friends, help me to know how to communicate !!lol!! best regards to you all!
@coldmoon (1092)
• France
2 Apr 09
I graduated many years ago, but when I was at university, I enjoyed my life more than learning, haha. Yes, as a student in computer science, I had most of time to work for informatic companies, and I only reviewed the lessons 2 weeks before the exams. But I think I managed them well. The college life has forged me professional knowledges, the spirit of creation, the seriousness and the concenttration in work, the independence,...However, the most important thing I learnt during those year was not from the university :it's your experiences and your communication skills, but not your high diploma, which give you an assurance to have a well-paid job.
@valpopa (155)
• Italy
1 Apr 09
the most important thing you learn in university is to know how to avoid and to deal with a bunch or morons in a very diplomatic manner. It is also a nice place to socialize and learn lots ofinteresting things.