Wrestlemania 26 may be very interesting with these matches?

New Zealand
April 7, 2009 2:38pm CST
I know Wrestlemania 26 is far far away and it's too early to come up with this. But, out of curiosity I just made a match card such that making WrestleMania 26 sound very interesting. This is my card : 1) Batista VS John Cena (For World Heavy Weight Championship) 2) Trible H VS Shawn Micheals (For WWE Championship) 3) Undertaker VS Great Khali & Big Show (Storyline is that Great Khali and big show fight for getting their chance to break the winning streak of Undertaker and finally they decide to go together VS Undertaker in an handicap match to make sure they beat him, however Undertaker after an hard struggle manage to win) 4) Jeff Hardy VS Rey Mysterio (both high-flying wrestlers decide to challenge each other to determine who is better) 5) CM Punk VS Vladmir Kozlov (For ECW title) 6) Mark Henery VS Umaga (For Raw VS Smack Down brand supremacy match) 7) Money In The Bank Ladder Match 8) WWE Womans champion VS Divas Champion (being Stone cold steve Austin as a special guest referee) Your thoughts please
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• United States
17 Sep 09
If the WM card ends up like this, I will never watch WWE again. I expect to see something like this. WWE Championship - Randy Orton (c) vs. Edge World Heavyweight Championship - CM Punk (c) vs. Christian (10 years after E&C won the first triangle ladder match, they win respective world titles) Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels (Same kinda deal with HBK/Flair 2 years ago but without retirement angle() John Cena vs. Undertaker (Can Cena end the streak) Rey Mysterio vs. Batista (Animal goes heel) MITB Ladder Match - John Morrison vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Evan Bourne vs. Kane vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Jericho vs. Big Show vs. Jack Swaggar United States Championship - Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Ted Dibiase (Dibiase face) Unified Tag Team Championship - MVP & Mark Henry (c) vs. The Hart Dynasty Women's Championship - Michelle McCool (c) vs. Natalya (McCool face by then)
• Poland
8 Apr 09
I'd like to see a few surprises on the card, something to make you go "WOW - I wasn't expecting that!" Maybe a surprise appearance... I like the John Cena v Batista idea, lets put it in a cage to add a twist! How about HBK teams with Triple H against a mystery team as his final match. They hit the ring and wait for the mystery team to appear... it is Scott Hall and Kevin Nash! How about Big Show, Mark Henry, Umaga, Great Kahli and Undertaker in an over the top rope Super-Heavyweights only Battle Royal. Taker wins! Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, Edge, Cristian, CM Punk and... Shane McMahon, in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for the hardcore/ECW title...
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• New Zealand
8 Apr 09
Im pridy sure those matches wont happen next year :p. Butit seems alright. Cept the part with Khali and Show taking on Taker. Make it a tag team and SWeet! Kane will defend Takers winning streak together but after the match, Kane will attack taker and chllanege him for 27 as to beat it himself :D. Sigh....Kozlov deserves to be champion :(. wwe always waste good talent.
• Israel
8 Apr 09
I'm so far behind. I still watching the episodes of October, and I hope to reach to the new episodes quickly. I won't get in to discussions that will talk about Wrestlemania 26, because I don't want to ruin myself. I just keep on watching those episodes, and enjoy them till I reach to the episode of Wrestlemania 26.
• United States
7 Apr 09
I like SCSA as a special guest referee. I agree with the poster above that the Undertaker vs. Big Show and Khali would be a slow match. Kane has also said that he might be retiring in a year or so. He said body really can't take it anymore and he is in pain during every match. So what about Taker v. Kane(taker retiring him) I would like to see HBK vs. HHH if indeed Shawn is retiring as he has indicated he is. Cena vs. Batista would be good but its been done and for me one of them would have to turn into a complete heel and the build up would have to be a while for it to work right. Last time the crowd was completely split and then wound up booing both of them cause some of the same fans who hate cena hate batista too.