Can watermelon give you headaches?

April 14, 2009 4:39pm CST
I had a terrible migraine recently. i hve never had one before and I thought it was because I had eaten a lot of dark chocolate. It took about 3 days to go. Yesterday I ate some watermelon adn got a headache again. The same happened today. Then I realised that I had eaten watermelon for th efirst time in years at the time I got the first headache adn wondered if it could be th ecause. today in my break at work I ate some more and the headache got worse shortly afterwards.
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@jshekhar (1563)
• India
15 Apr 09
If you get regular migraine complaints, it is wise to avoid the cool stuff. Watermelon is otherwise very healthy but then, given your problem, I would advice you to avoid it for a few days and see for yourself. I'm sure you'll feel better.
15 Apr 09
but watermelons are so BIG and go off so quickly. I've got about a quarter of a melon left. hate to see it go to waste. Will have to feed it to the ducks.
@Shavkat (65976)
• Philippines
3 Aug 12
Watermelon can't have the ability to cause migraine, it could be the chocolate. It has caffeine content, try to check about MPS or myofascial pain syndrome. This condition used to cause migraine or if you are wearing eyeglasses, may be you need to have some check up.
@Taffy1 (1)
• Australia
19 Feb 12
I have noticed the same thing. We bought a juicer a few months ago and I have been drinking a lot of watermelon, pineapple and ginger juice. My intake would have been above average and everything was going fine. Then I bought a melon and started to eat it un-juiced and after a few really bad headaches and feeling lethargic I noticed that it was the melon causing the problem. If I eat a reasonable sized portion of this watermelon within an hour I have a bad headache and find it difficult to find the energy to do anything. This lasts for about 48 hours. Last week I had to take a day off work. I thought it strange that this should just start happening all of a sudden, so I figure that I have either overdosed on watermelon!! or that this one has been exposed to some sort of chemical. However, after an internet search I found that even an organic watermelon had caused the same problems for someone.