Federal "Do not call list" doesn't work

United States
April 14, 2009 7:26pm CST
Many of us might sign up with the federal "Do not call list" to prohibit the unwanted telemarketers' calls. Some people might receive less calls, possibly 50%; while others got even more calls from the telemarketers. Why? the advertising companies might out - source the job to foreign countries. So, some of the calls might coming from foregin call centers, you might not even know. Under federal lawsm, that is not a crime, even you are registering on the list. Some of these calls also from the voice over the internet calls. It is hard to trace it. So, you might receive more telemarketer's calls even though you register on the list.
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@timhinyy (1653)
• United States
15 Apr 09
i'm to the point now if i don't know the number i don't answer the phone. but all the phones in the house don't have caller id so if i answer the other phones i just hang up cause i don't have the time or the paitence to deal with these people and most of the time its an automated message. if this is the case i just hang up the phone no need for any of the stuff they try to sell you. i think i got hooked into magazine subscriptions once over the phone. i would never do that again though the subscriptions did last for years.