marriage superstitions

April 17, 2009 10:58am CST
I met a Chinese friend and during our first meeting he was interested to ask many things about me including my age. I really wonder why. I am still single now and he is teasing me to other single man he knows, he said, he wished to know my age because of some Chinese beliefs or marriage superstitions he knows. He said that, though not just limited for marriage, in any partnership if the two person have 6 yrs age gap, the relationship is a disaster, 3 yrs gap is somewhat like but not too much, other yrs gap on the other hand is safe. Then i understand, he just wanted to check if my age and his friend's age is just right...hehehe. In life, Chinese or not have different superstitions. Do you know of any superstitions that is related to marriage?? would you mind sharing it with us please...
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@klaudine (3652)
• Indonesia
17 Apr 09
Raised in the Chinese culture I have heard lots of Chinese superstitious, not only in the marriage stuff but also in the other things. About what you asked, I believe it is true. The Chinese believes in numbers, as far as I know. They believes the lucky numbers and the unlucky numbers. They count days and years and 3 years gap is really bad thing for relationship. It is related to the chinese zodiac and the elements of the zodiac.
• Philippines
19 Apr 09
is that really so, why? how about 6 yrs gap? happy mylotting!
@ajin728 (62)
• China
6 May 09
I am a chinese,there are many couples have 3 years or more gaps of age in is common.we don't think it is a disaster that have 6 years age gap.Maybe it is just a practice of somebody,or someplace in china.
• India
20 Apr 09
Since marriage is one of very important thing of life. Due to that there are so many supertition associated with them. But you shoud need to focus on your compatibilty with your partner only.