Boys and dolls girls and fire trucks

By Amy
Abernathy, Texas
April 26, 2009 12:28am CST
Were you are are you very careful with kids as far as what they play with and how they play? Do you buy your little boy guns, and firetrucks and avoid kitchens and other like toys? I plan to buy my little boy a kitchen because he likes to help me in mine I thought he could play in his while I work in mine. I'm a sahm and I know that to me, I love guys who help me in the kitchen and around the house and who cook. So if he wants to play with a toy vaccuum and the little broom while I sweep. If he wants to put diapers on his stuffed animals and pretend to feed them and put them to sleep. I also bought him a really fun tool chest where he can hammer, put in bolts and pretend to saw wood. I think his future wife will thank me for preparing him this way to be her partner. If your little boy asked for a doll (maybe he already has) or a play kitchen - what would you say - or if your little girl asked for a fire truck, trains and a play tool bench - would you be okay with this - or if they already asked - what did you say? Studies have shown that giving kids these kinds of toys didn't turn them g@y nor did denying them these toys stop them being so if they were born this way - what do you think?
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@jillhill (37383)
• United States
26 Apr 09
I think if it interests them they should be given the opportunity to explore what they granddaughter is just about 4....and has finished her firstt year of hockey.....she has her nails done and likes to have her hair curled before she goes!
• Abernathy, Texas
26 Apr 09
I think that's great! I fully agree! I think as long as its an interest - I plan on getting a mini vaccuum for my little one because we have a smaller vaccuum he likes to pretend to use. I will encourage all of his interests. I'm glad your family feels the same! My neice was into sports all through highschool and she got her nails done with her mom and wears makeup too. It kept her out of trouble and activity like this is so great for keeping healthy in mind and body and spirit - blood circulation is great for grades - improves memory, clarity etc - and she always had great grades and diverse interests as far as study.
• United States
17 May 09
Good for you. You aren't telling your child what to play with , you are getting him toys he wants.i am not a parent but U would get any toy my child wanted. I had both dolls and cars and trucks.if you son likes to cook , he may become a chef. If a daughter loves trucks , she may become a mechanic or a owner of a trucking company. I think it would be harmful to force a boy to play with trucks when he rather help in the kitchen or force a girl to play with dolls when she rather play with trucks.