Would you buy the table top dishwasher?

United States
April 27, 2009 5:25pm CST
I found this in one of my seventh avenue catalogs. I also find that kmart has this one as well. I want one for my house. I just don't like having to plug in any more items to my electric costs. But,saving time washing dishes would be so nice. Whould you buy one or do you already own one?
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@agrim94 (3811)
• India
29 Apr 09
Hi giftsandbagscom, Dishwashers are least popular item in India . The reason for this is you can get a lady who would do your dishes twice daily and who would sweep and clean floor of your home for about 15$ a month and yes i do employ one too so we actually dont need to do it and thats why i dont have any dishwasher at home or none of my friends have one at home.
@lilybug (21148)
• United States
28 Apr 09
I have seen those before. I would not buy one. I have a dishwasher that goes under the cabinet now and I don't really use it very often at all. If I did not have one and I thought I might actually use it a lot I might get one though.
• United States
28 Apr 09
I actually have a countertop/tabletop dishwasher. I LOVE it! The house I am in did not come with a diswasher and if I wanted to put one in I would loose cabinet space, which I definately would not want to do. I was doing the dishes by hand before, actually sometimes I would start and not finish and have perfectly good plastic tupperware type containers that I would have to throw away in the recycle bin because I would put off washing them and they would absorb the smell (you know the smell when you leave something with dirty water sitting in the sink.) I was sick, so doing dishes was not easy for me. Anyway, I broke down and bought an Edgestar Countertop dishwasher. I have had it for a few years now. It is an EnergyStar appliance, so it doesn't take barely any electricity. I don't use it everyday, but for the amount of time I use it I haven't noticed any noticable difference in my electric bill. It is really easy to use, it snaps on and off the faucet super easy. You snap it on to use it and snap it off when you are done. I would like a more secretive way to hide the pipe when not in use, but not too much of a biggie. If you have lots of dishes daily they also sell portable full size dishwashers with wheels and a butchers block on the top, though they are a bit expensive.
@Margajoe (4720)
• Germany
27 Apr 09
I used to want one. But know that I don't earn much money anymore, I won't buy one. It is expensive, and you don't really save much time with it. When you wash the dishes regularly, they don't pile up and you always have everything put away. You have to rinse everything before you put it in the machine. Then you might as well put a little soap with it and it is clean. Take care, have a nice evening.