Guys:if you asked a person out and denied u what would u want them to say?

United States
April 28, 2009 5:28pm CST
The last time i asked a girl out was one of my friends and i kinda got down because all she said was lets stay as friends.
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@CHORES (231)
• China
29 Apr 09
That means she only want to be your friends.You don't find the right one.But don't give up! You know I have the same experience, but I was the girl.It makes me really embarrased when he asked if we can be closer.I alawys regard him as my best listener,we have same hobbies.I don't want to lose a friend .OR to put it another way,I think I'm scaried that if we become BF and GF ,I can't tell him everything.
@prinzcy (5055)
• Malaysia
29 Apr 09
I think it's better if she's being honest with you. At least she still want to stay as friend, don't ruin that. Do you want her to pretend to accept you and then you find out, she never really love you and found someone she really love in the process. How do you feel then? Love is not something that you can force.