How would you define a soul-mate?

April 30, 2009 10:34am CST
How do you define a soul mate? Is it simply someone whom you share a lot of interests in common? Someone who seem to mirror your thought without you even telling them? Does it have to have some romantic notions to it or could you simply be friends with a soul mate. Is there only one soul mate for each one or is possible to find several people and realize they're soul mates...
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@rymebristol (1788)
• Philippines
30 Apr 09
every person had their own definition of soul mate, cause for me their is no specific definition for the word "SOUL MATE". as we commit ourselves to the other person, we always think that he/she is the one, the only, my "SOUL MATE"...but then the relationship doesn't long and results to break up. i had been to relationship and also thought that she was the one, we have common interest, what i love to do is also the things that she loves to do, the things that i appreciate, things that i hate and the things that i want. my last relationship was the one i want to consider that i had found my "SOUL MATE". you wouldn't believe how we met and how faith made us close together. she came to me in an unexpected manner, and as our friendship gone deeper i found our that her uncle ( on the father side ), courted my mom when they were in High School in Leyte. as soon as we both knew and confirmed about that me and my fiance laugh about it and said that we were the one that will continue the love story of her uncle and my mom. i never really thought and never even dreamed about it in my entire life. but sad to say the one that i called my "SOUL MATE", passed away 4 months ago. it's a shame that it have to end like that. we had lots of dreams together, plans for our future together. we were about to have our civil wedding last April 19.
• Somalia
30 Apr 09
aww! that's really sad.