What you like most: Subtitles or Translation

Russian Federation
May 2, 2009 8:10am CST
In my country, Russia, real Otaku and simply the person who have watched anime for sometime will definitly prefer subtitles to be able to hear the original voices, because the Russain translation can`t make you feel that special atmosphere which should be created while watching. And what You prefer in your country?
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• United States
11 May 09
Subtitles all the way Dub voices suck. Well with the exception of Beck i enjoyed watching subbed and dubbed.
• Romania
27 Sep 09
In my country when they used to air anime shows and dub them, usually one person would dub all the characters and that sucked big time. I prefer to watch anime with subs. I'd rather watch them raw than with dubbed voices.
@chiwasaki (4661)
• Philippines
27 Aug 11
I prefer watching anime with English subtitles. I watched some English translated anime but I still prefer to hear the original voice actors of those anime. I like to watch it with English subs so that I will not missed any information on the anime.
• Philippines
18 May 09
I prefer subs over dub cause: 1)subs are more accurate than dubs, methinks. 2)the original voice sound better, well atleast for me. :P
@rymebristol (1787)
• Philippines
4 May 09
subtitles of course, voices from the original anime is cool, i don't mind looking at the translation for me to understand the episode. translation from the original voices for me is a bit over rated.
• Philippines
3 May 09
I prefer Subtitles over dubs/translations 'cos I find translations/dubs rather annoying especially when their voice don't match their character or personality :D