FIVE things that you cant live WITHOUT and why?

@queennee (187)
May 8, 2009 2:15am CST
there are things that for us "WE THINK" we cant live without it right? here are my lists: HANDKERCHIEF,becoz i have sweaty palms,so i badly need a hanky to wipe my hands from being wet and at the same time to prevent the sweat.CELLPHONE,all important persons in my life stored in it,they are reachable becoz of this device and it seems that i am very much behind of what is happening if i dont have it.BAGS,evrywhere i go wether long distance or short distances, i always carry a bag,for me its so easy to travel if i carry a bag with me and all my stuff are in there.i dont need to hold some small things in my hands coz i have my bag with me :) TOOTHBRUSH,of course its a personal hygene.and i toothbrush a lot,i dont know why but i like the feeling of always brushing my teeth :) nad lastly MIRROR,i just love seeing my self over the mirror.i cant end the day without lookin' at the mirror to see if i still look good..hahaha.well,everyone of us has has our own passion..there's a lot of things in the world that we think we cant live without,they're just my top five,what do you think is yours?
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• Philippines
16 Mar 10
my mobile phone, my computer, money, money, and money! that's all. I'm not really into mirrors, bags, and other girly stuffs. I can have anything that I want with money, right?
@balasri (26553)
• India
29 Jun 09
I just cannot live without my Hollywood dvds. And my internet connection. Then my Ray ban glasses. And the pouch I carry with me when I step out of home. The perennial white hankie in my trouser pocket.
@lisa0351 (303)
• United States
1 Jun 09
Lets see....I cant live without 1)My makeup case (especially mascara and lip gloss) 2)My family 3)Food and Water 4)My cell phone 5)My car There are a lot more things that I cant live without!!! I dont know what I would do if I could only have 5 things!
@russso (1701)
• Philippines
27 May 09
This is hard because I own soooo many things, but I'll try. In no particular order, these are the things that I cannot live without: 1. Hair Dryer I can't leave my house with my hair wet. I have to take a bath at night, thus I need to dry my hair. I bring this with me where ever I go, especially on trips because there are hotels that do not provide a hair dryer. 2. Digital Camera I'm addicted to traveling so I bring a digicam with me all the time. I like to capture moments with friends and beautiful places & things that I see especially if I know that it will take me years to visit the place again. Photos help me keep memories. 3. I.Pod I'm a gym rat and an exercise addict thus the need for my I.Pod. It helps me "outrun" myself each time. A mean good music helps me during my Cardio. It pumps me up especially when I feel that I am soooo tired already. It keeps me up. 4. Coffee I can live without food, but I can't live without Coffee. It perks me up. It gives me tons of energy and it helps speed up my metabolism. I need my two cups of coffee everyday. 5. Bikinis I'm a self-confessed Beach Bum. I love the ocean. I love the sea. I love the beach. And these explain why I cannot live without my bikinis.
@sacmom (14314)
• United States
14 May 09
Hmm, let me think about that. I'd have to say 1) my family, 2) money (because without money I can't buy what is necessary to live), 3) my purse (I take it just about everywhere I go), 4) my refrigerator (a lot of foods would spoil otherwise), and 5) my vehicle (I live out in the country where public transportation is not available, so I need a vehicle to get around in).
@carrine (2749)
• Philippines
8 May 09
whew. 5 stuff that i cant live without are 1. my so big and heavy bag LOL 2. my cellphone where my business is there 3. my shades, its awkward for me to go anywhere with out wearing my sun glasses with me. 4. hand towel, to wipe my face when its wet, for my back and cover my face when its dusty. 5. and lastly my make up kit where its always inside my bag, because i do wear make up when ill work hehehe.