for the first time dad' does it feel?

May 11, 2009 12:17am CST
how does it feel when you first seen,held your baby...? im very curios bec. im in my 9th month of pregnancy and im almost over... for all the dads out there...
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@munkie (12)
• Philippines
22 May 09
Hi! I'm a first-time dad. How does it feel? Oh my.... When I first saw my baby at the hospital's nursery, I was stunned. I couldn't explain what I was feeling back then. Such a rush. I thought I heard myself say, "whoa, is this real? I'm already a father. I have my own baby!" I was quite afraid to hold him, and the nurse sensed that I was hesitant. She assured me that it would be alright to hold my baby, and that she would teach me the right way how to carry him on my arms. I just felt my face wet with tears. It really is true, I've experienced tears of joy right there and then.... It's something you wouldn't wanna miss(the experience of being with your first born's early time)!!!
@MAllen400 (830)
11 May 09
Hi I am a Mum not a Dad but I think you will know the answer to this as soon as you see the look in your babies Dads face when he sees the baby for the first time. Mind you this could also apply to when Grandparents see and hold their Grandchild for the first time ever.