Yummy yummy hummus for my tummy (and my heartburn)!

@sulynsi (2836)
May 15, 2009 1:02pm CST
Protein is what it's all about! When I, like many a desperate dieter, attempted the Atkins regime some years ago, I noticed that my heartburn DISAPPEARED along with all cravings for breads and chocolate. Now, anything that can make a craving for chocolate go away, for me, should be boxed and sold as a miracle cure! I'm not a vegetarian, but neither am I a big meat eater. I can't afford to be eating lots of meat anyway. My sister, who visits a naturopath, told me that protein in the diet is good for a whole host of problems that we in the west experience so much. The naturopath said, and I know its true, because it makes sense and because I have been reading the same basic information for a few years now, whole food, avoid processed foods. Oils that are not hydrogenated or trans fats. Get as close to the natural state of the food as possible. IE eat fresh apricot as opposed to dried. I cook quite simply, (because I am not the most imaginative person in the world) so breakfast and supper are pretty easy. But what do you send with your hubby and kids to work or school that isn't BREAD based? They don't have any way to heat up stuff and I'm sorry, no thermos I've ever come across doesn't come with a weird aftertaste! Dips and fresh veggies and fruit! What a great way to eat. Lots of fibre, raw veggies, which are wonderful with hummus, whole wheat pita bread if you want. Simple, and extremely tasty and easy to carry for lunch!The high protein, low fat high fibre of the hummus is a delicious way to get more protein in your diet without having to purchase a lot of meat. Lentils and legumes keep dried for a long time and are very inexpensive. Hummus, and other dips, are so easy to make too. Doesn't take a lot of time or imagination. (oooh I'm saved) Mediterranean diet. Middle eastern diet. Way to go way to go. Any more suggestions for me? Please, I'd be delighted to hear them!!
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