Some Tips To get your first 99

May 19, 2009 11:21am CST
First of all, this is not really a discussion, it's more like a guide. But I would like to know how you think of it. .....:::::Introduction:::::..... Ok, first of all you decide to give RuneScape a chance. You play for two months, and find the game is a bit fun when there's nothing to do. After your first two or three months of RuneScape, you have probably finished all the quests, gotten most of your levels to 40 or over, and have a decent amount of money; maybe about 100-200K. You always have second thoughts about getting membership until you become completly bored of RuneScape. Then you subscribe to members. Now when you are at members, you see a whole lot of high leveled people, people that can rip you in half by just hitting once, and people that are so rich, that it makes you feel like 200K is nothing but waste. But you notice another thing besides that. You notice someone with a cape that has one skill stamped on it. You ask that person where he got his cape. He will reply, "I have got lvl99 in ______". Then a thought of getting level 99 gets to you, but you have no idea on how to get it. .....:::::First step of getting a 99:::::..... The first step is the influence. You might have a friend who has a skillcape, and makes you want to get it, or you happen to find someone performing a skillcape emote and you think it looks cool and it makes you want it, it could be anything that motivates you to get a lvl99 skill. When you have chosen which skillcape you want, read the second step. .....:::::Second step of getting a 99:::::..... Determination, and patience. Obviously, you will not get a lvl99 in any skill just in one night. You will need to work really hard, and have lots of patience. If you are not patient on achieving your lvl99 skill, then you will most likely fail in achieving it. Think about all the players who worked really hard to get a skillcape. That will be the same thing for you. .....:::::Third step of getting a 99:::::..... If you have patience and you are very determined about getting that skillcape, then the best thing to do is to train that skill until it becomes more like a routine. For example, you are trying to achieve a lvl99 firemaking, but you are not organized, like not having all the logs needed for a lvl99, although this is okay if your'e poor, and you don't actually know how much logs you burn a day. If you keep a routine, a simple routine like just firemaking 1,000 fires a day, it will help you achieve your goals. .....:::::The problems of getting a skillcape::::..... Most people can not get a skillcape for many reasons, the most common reason being you can not afford to train it. the second most common is you start to lose your patience and just give in, but remember even if you can't afford to get one level up for your skill, do not give in. You try, you fail, you try, you fail. The only fail is when you give up. The other reason is that you think the skill your'e training doesn't make any money at all, so you try to go to another skill to make money. You have to trust me, getting a skillcape is much more rewarding than having lots of money. .....:::::Tips:::::..... •Music. music is a great way to get a little entertainment while working on your skills. Try choosing music that is similar to what you are doing. Your'e not gonna cook and listen to hard metal or rap or something that's just... off.... •Browsing. If your skill is a skill that doesn't require much clicking, like combat, cooking, fletching, woodcutting etc, you can browse on google, or on myLot, or even watch movies on YouTube. This can help keep your patience. •Take breaks. When trying to get a lvl99, you should take breaks regularly, once every 30 minutes. Not tiny breaks like go get a coke and just start skilling again, i'm talking about 1hour breaks to keep your patience at a good level. Take a walk, jog, work out, study, do anything. This tip will help your health also, by not getting addicted and keeping your eyes well. WARNING: If you play Runescape at a bad addiction standard which is working on skills 6 hours or even more, this will ruin your patience, and end up giving in. So it's good to take regular breaks as it serves for multiple pros. •Don't check your experience. Matter fact, don't even go to the skills section to even look at your skill. You want your experience to be random at all times. Think about it, everytime you kill a monster or make a fire or cook or anything, and just check your experience remainder, you'll find that it's rather slow. You want to surprise yourself with the remainder. Of course, if its really urgent, then go ahead check the remainder, but only check once every 30 minutes to keep it random. •Do stuff IRL to keep your patience at a good level. I was surprised at how my strength xp remainder came from 60K xp to 20Kxp in a short amount of time by just shuffling with my cards. •break in minigames in Runescape. If your'e bored, but still want to play the game, I suggest trying a game like Clan Wars or Castle Wars or Fist of Guthix to stay excited during the game. But only do one round of the minigame so you don't get hooked and completly miss your skill. •Talk with other friends on MSN or whatever instant messaging you use. This will help keep your patience at a low level. This is pretty much it at getting a level 99. Note this is not finished yet. I will soon edit this and put ways to train every kind of skill in a fast way. In the meantime, tell me what you think about it and also give it a rating out of 5. Sincerly, Omfg1140
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