Can the future be changed?

United States
May 25, 2009 8:26pm CST
If one knows the future can they change it? If it could be changed wouldn't it mean that they didn't see the future since that event did not occur?
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@Sandra1952 (6052)
• Spain
26 May 09
Good point! I think we process our future in the present by the decisions we make, thus our future is ever changing, but I don't think we have any real control over it. While some people claim to see into the future, it's usually only particular events, rather than a day or a week, and they have a 50-50 chance of getting it right! Often, the 'propheys' is worded ambiguously, so even if it doesn't happen, they claim that they were right. As mere mortals, all we can do to influence the future is try to make the best choices in life as they arise, both for ourselves and for those around us. As we have no control over other people's life choices, this may not be enough to influence the future, but at least we can say we tried our best. Great topic!
@mama_bear (1124)
• Canada
26 May 09
like yoda said the future ever in motion is. decisions that we make on a daily basis affect the future, i believe that there are many different future outcomes depending on what we decide to do, have you watched star trek. that is classical example right there. an alternate reality from the one that we know, all because james kirk's father chose a different path.
@lupin0302 (137)
• Philippines
26 May 09
How can you change something that doesn't happen yet. no one know what the future will be or what lies ahead anything you do today will definitely have an effect in the future. maybe we can change the past if we have a time machine becuase it already happen and whatever happen change you will do there will have significant effect in the present time.