How can you tell how old is your pet?

May 27, 2009 9:20pm CST
Do you know how old are you pets by pets calendar. Or do you base them on our own calendar. Coz I see some small dog and you can tell that they are not a year old in our calendar but they would say that she's 2 yrs old. So im just curious if you know how to calculate their age?
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@lilaclady (28270)
• Australia
28 May 09
Vets seem to able tell how old animals are, I don't know how, I think by looking their mouth, not sure, I have a cat but I have no idea how old she is as she just adopted me and i know she wasn't a kitten when she came to me, I wouldn't mind knowing how old she is...
• Philippines
28 May 09
Oh i see, So some really are telling the real age of their pet. Now i know. thanks for the response!
@lkbooi (16102)
• Malaysia
31 May 09
Hi angelbelle, I know how to calculate the age of dog only. I had kept pet dogs before. I was told to calculate the age of my dogs approximately. Yeah, just by multiplying the year of the dog after birth by 6, we then could get the age of the dog. Let say we keep the dog for 5 years since its birth, this means that the dog is 25 years of age approximately. I check it online out of my curiosity just now. The accurate way of calculate the dog’s age is: 10.5 dog years per human year for the 1st two years, then 4 dog years per human year for each year after. So the accurate answer for the 5 years old human years ‘dog is 33 years of age. This means that if we keep a baby dog since our childhood, it usually couldn’t accompany us till we get old Happy posting
@thyst07 (2091)
• United States
30 May 09
I think that veterinarians often look at an animal's teeth to tell how old they are. Teeth have a pretty predictable timeline of development and wear. I'm not sure what other methods can be used to determine an animal's age. I know that my cat is just over 3 years old, because she was born just a few days before Easter 3 years ago. I don't remember the exact date, so I just figure Easter is her birthday.
@bloglog (627)
• Singapore
29 May 09
I think the vets and professionals in animals are able to tell the age of the pets. They need to look at a few things of the pets to tell. Older pets start to lose fur and some part of the fur turned grey. The skin may develop some black spot marks. Their eyes are not as bright as before. And the teeth...
@SM5550 (118)
• India
28 May 09
The age ratio of the pet depends on the breed of the pet for eg. if the pet is a labrador its average age is 15 years which is to be compared to 60 years of a human being. if the pet is a pomerian its average age is 12 years which is to be compared to 60 years of human being. and so on... hope this will be of some use to you, and ofcourse the vet will be a able to identify the exact age of the pet by seing its teeth (that needs education in that particular feild)
• Philippines
28 May 09
We calculated the age of our dogs based on how humans calculate their age too. We don't use any other kind of calculations except with what is existing already since we treat them like humans and like children. Our puppies are small but the boy is almost 2 yrs old already. In his age it isn't so obvious enough that he is older but we can tell that his actions are for adults already and he is very very smart too. Just like our other cute girl puppy she is few months younger than her boyfriend but she seems to be so popular puppy for every person who knows and saw her because aside from being so cute she do a lot of nice things to entertain visitors like playing the ball, playing hide and seek and some other things to make people laugh. That makes her very cute and we love our two puppies like kids .
• Indonesia
28 May 09
Usually I look at the head size and the color of the fur on their mouth. Older dogs usually have bigger head size and white fur on their mouth.