How will you know if it is LOVE or just an OBSESSION??....

@jlovetin (150)
May 27, 2009 11:37pm CST
personally i think love and obsession has something in there is a certain point in our life that we will be confused if what we feel was love or just an obsession..when your in love,,you always think of a particular person just like when your obsessed with someone..the desire when your in love is just the same desire when you are obsessed..i think the difference was in love,,there is a so cold thing wich is called sacrifice...cause obsession is only for wanting not for sacrificing..
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@eLsMarie (4148)
• Philippines
14 Jun 09
for me i don't think that they are similar or they have something in common. obsession is not love and vice versa. obsession is an intense longing for someone, it's as if you wanted that someone to be with you always and because of that you tend to do a lot of things for him/her to be with you. love is a matter of striving hard in order for you both to pursue your commitment. it's a matter of giving a chance to get to know more each other and at the same time leaving a bit space for you guys to feel loneliness and begin to realize missin' each other. it would definitely give spice in your relationship
@med889 (5958)
28 May 09
First: If you love someone very much then it is completely normal to be jealous and thus a bit obesessive, I think it is natural because The moment you feel that the person you have known is all you needed then it is the nature of human being to preserve what they have got even if it is the person, they will want to protect them, love the, cherish them and thus attached to them. It is part of that love which has developped to be aligned to obsession. Secondly: The more love they are giving to that person and the way that person is handling the love with care then obviously the other person will feel to love more and more daily and it automaticall turns to obsession though without any reflex and later when someone else notices it then only the person obsessed realise that infact his love has turn to be so much that it turn to obsession. Thirdly: When you are in love you will want to do anything for the person out of your compassion and when you are obsesse then you only want and wish so dearly that the person you love get every little thing he/she needs. Abd gradually the obsession can turn to possession if it is not controlled.
@beamsey (425)
• Philippines
28 May 09
I guess obsession is just putting someone on a pedestal. Love is knowing about the person's imperfections but still loving them. With obsession, the object of desire still has imperfections. But the one doing the desiring just doesn't see these imperfections or that person doesn't want to see these imperfections. I agree with you too that love entails sacrifice. Love needs sacrifice from both parties to survive.