Just Remember....There is a thin but strong line between Debating and Cussing

@tjades (3592)
May 28, 2009 2:56pm CST
I believe that great people debate while intolerant people cuss and call each other names. I love debates. I am not phased by heated debates once it is done properly and people contain themselves. There is a beauty in debates and discussions which are spoilt by people who cannot be rational and respective of another's view even if you hate their stance (or guts). I have been engaged in debates where at the end I still strongly disagree with my opponents view but develop a greater respect for them and their views/way of thinking. People usually get angry at others because they cant get to force their beliefs down their throats. Thats the way I see it. I have seen and heard a few debates (including here on mylot) where both parties had some pretty strong and thought worthy points but absolutely lose it simply because they cant out do the next person and be labeled the winner of the debate. I think thats just sad. There are times when one persons view is totally wack but that is his/her belief system. There are times when there will be no winner because both parties have very strong and valid views. Intolerance leads to physical activities such as killing, maiming, slandering etc...there's too much of that in our world already. A rational Muslim and a rational Christian whose belief systems have great differences can engage in a heated debate and still own their own and their respect for each other. A republican and a democrat can do the same. Some of us lose our attitudes so fast we ought to stay out of debates, especially on topics which we know we do not handle well. For example: I will lose my cool in a short time when it comes to what I consider the oppressive treatment of women in the name of any religion. I have this problem whether its Muslim/Islam or Christianity as I find pretty oppressive practices in both. I am a Christian but there are some persons even at my church with whom I would never enter a debate (not even a discussion) on those topics. Their attitude and things they believe of a woman would send my cool flying in 0.00secs. There are some friends I have who stay away from discussions and debates all together. Unless its trivial stuff such as the latest styles etc...you get nothing from them. Now that irritates me but thats their way. It is important that we remember that mylot is a worldwide forum for debating and discussing not cussing. I have seen some heated discussions on here that I really love and learn from but there are others which get way too personal and ugly. Do you stay away from heated discussions in general or do you jump right in for the hell of it? I am not even sure how to turn this into a discussion other than to ask that you share your views.
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