Favorite part of WoW

United States
June 17, 2009 8:58pm CST
What's your favorite part of the game? How many hours would you say that you play a day? How many hours overall would you say you have played for?
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• Canada
18 Jun 09
I like how you can jump and go everywhere.
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• United States
15 Aug 09
Yes, yes jumping is definitely a dealmaker for this game. The jumping is just so very...amazingly jumpy! :D
@Trgg649 (18)
• United States
20 Jun 09
I used to play wow. I remember playing from sunrise to sundown. I really liked doing raids on wow. I would say they were quite fun. But the greatest thing were like PvP tourneys. There's so many ways to play a class.
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@Dragon93 (83)
19 Jun 09
hm, I love everything about this game:), and ummm, i play like near enough all day on the game -.- when i wake up at 9:00am, I go on it and then i stay on till about 10:00pm -.- I do go afk sometimes tho, and that's when something is on T.V or Dinner is ready, altho... when my mates call for me, I do go out for about 5 hours. and overall the days I play with one char (can't do the hours overall) is 106 days ..
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@reddart1 (85)
31 Mar 11
i love that wows wourld is as big as it is. i play alot. i have over a mounth in gameplay time.
• United States
22 Jul 09
I pretty much like everything about WoW. One of my favorite parts is the WoW lore its pretty incredible. The gameplay was well. Although PvP will probably always be imbalanced its still fun. PvE is always fun when you got a good guild that is trying to clear stuff. Overall the game would be awesome if they could just balance a few class and finally get some of the classes fixed rather than always having an overhaul like they do with paladins which is the only reason i stop playing it, plus my druid is much more fun :)
8 Jul 09
It has got to be the roleplaying and storyline that builds in to the great ui interface of the realtime fighting.
@xtedaxcvg (3190)
• Philippines
30 Jun 09
The best part of the game for me is the storyline. I got hooked to World of Warcraft's lore and it's really very engaging. The plot is rich and the characters are unforgettable. I guess that's really the main reason why I play WoW. For the Horde!!!
• Philippines
25 Jun 09
Its when i kill other character in pvp area or like when I see horde player, understood its a war hahaha!! ^_^