PTC, PTR, help me (us) !!!!

@Sangkala (238)
June 19, 2009 11:17am CST
some said that one or two site is scam but the other site said that they get paid from the site.. some said this is the best site to earn money but some other said they try for years n' got nothin'.. i'm new in this PTC, PTR thing's, and i believe i'm not the only one that get stuck clicking every day n' still got nothin'.. so please, everybody that ever get succes earn money from this PTC or PTR, please help me (and everybody else),give us some lesson, clue, trick, link, anything.. or other info how to get/earn money from internet..
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• India
20 Jun 09
Hi, Check out my profile and the site banners posted there apart from smithbux which paid me and now are totally lost from the web they all have paid me consistently and as per their TOS. They pay small but never go against their TOS so you can trust them. Regards, Larry Nicholas ==============
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@busky5 (3166)
• Thailand
1 Aug 09
You are hard working.I got out from 30-40 online earning because i can't have referals.I think it is long time to reach the minimum payout.
@shv214 (57)
• India
1 Aug 09
visit my profile for new ones,these have got positive responses when i searched in internet