Skirt or jeans??GALS wot u prefer???

jeans - jeans
@abeerali (383)
United Arab Emirates
November 12, 2006 11:11am CST
wot u wear more often n wot u feel comfortable in??
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12 Nov 06
i am defently a jeans and trousers girl infact i do not own any skirts or dresses
@abeerali (383)
• United Arab Emirates
17 Nov 06
good choice...try out skirts at times
@caraj444 (1080)
• Canada
16 Nov 06
for me this all depends on what im doing and what my mood happens to be on that day, i like jeans for around the house and running out for groceries, but prefer to wear skirts at work just because its a high end hotel i work in and jeans wouldnt look appropriate i love to get dressed up if i have the time but with two young children you can probably guess how often that happens.
@Himansu (793)
• India
13 Nov 06
. - .
I like to watch females in skirts and tops
@shruti21 (122)
• Australia
13 Nov 06
i wear jeans most of the time becaus i think they are very comfortable.
• India
12 Nov 06
i like jeans...