How many years ago you come first time to internet, and why? work or entartaimen

June 22, 2009 9:51am CST
I really don t know when was first time when internet was starting, but i remember when i was first time to internet...was 4 years ago, before i don t was interesed because i don t need net for my work, but when i say how many things net mean, i come every day, for different reasons. Do you really remember first time when you was to internet?
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• Pakistan
22 Jun 09
I started using internet 10 years ago I used it mostly to play and download games and chatting with friends.
@icesmile (7172)
• Romania
22 Jun 09
First time few years ago, i remember as was yestarday. Time gone very fast, but memories come in my mind again and again. was nice times, and i was so courious to discover this world , really. Internet is a great world, even now i really don t know if is a real world or just a dream.
@djonghs (560)
• Indonesia
22 Jun 09
The first time I know Internet was arround 1992 - 1993 when I still a college students. Back then, the Internet is not as attractive as present time. All website still in text mode, and most people communicating on BBS system. How time flies, and I feel old now..... but I still young at heart. BR.b
@lulu1220 (1010)
• United States
22 Jun 09
I remember looking at the internet back in college..maybe around 1993. There were not many websites and the newsgroups and forums like this were DOS based. Wow am I old.
@kmaram (2535)
• Philippines
22 Jun 09
I dont know when was the first time i used internet. Maybe 6-8 years ago, i dont really remember i should cherish that memories hahah. But what i remember is that i was addicted using mirc that time and searching for pictures of hollywood stars and our own stars. Because of internet i was gain many friends that time, and till now using internet was really helpful one for me. This is our way of communication also because my hubby works abroad. So now i am still using and i can say i can't live without computer =)