Do You Think Thak Having To Click Everyday To Get Referral Earning Is Dishonest?

United States
June 27, 2009 9:45pm CST
I think that if you work hard to get people to join a site that you should be able to collect your share of earnings if you click or not. That site is making money from the people you brought to that site and making you click every day to earn is a form of greed. Though this has become a popular practice I try to sign up for and promote sites that will give me my fair share of the money i helped them earn. thanks for taking time to view my discussion. take care and happy mylotting. Francisco
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@zeusdhi (63)
• Philippines
28 Jun 09
For me francisco it is not a dishonest thing to do. Because you are not cheating on them. It is how the program of earning works. It will be dishonest if you steal from them. :D Happy mylotting to you too. :D
• United States
28 Jun 09
Thanks for your time in responding to this discussion. There are many sites on my blog on my profile with sites that have been paying for years. take care and happy mylotting. untill next time francisco
• Malaysia
28 Jun 09
I think that is a little bit of dishonest indeed.Sometimes it is not about getting more referrals by cheating but to get a referrals by honest ways such as promoting it and if they are interested they will definitely join it willingly without any doubt.