should i make new relationship?

June 29, 2009 2:18am CST
finally, i had broke with my last b/f who hurt my physic and mental since 3 month ago. but there's some man who ask me love. but i still trauma what i've done with my last ex-bf. of course until now i can't forget my ex. . .
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@x_Jo_x (1042)
29 Jun 09
I too am experiencing this. I broke up with my ex earlier this year, and now ive started talking to this really nice guy who says he really likes me. I like him too, but im so scared. I dont know whether it is too soon still or not, and i keep worrying about whether things that have happened to me have affected me. I Dont think there is any specific time limit for these things, its a case of whether you feel ready or not. No one else can tell you other wise. Explain how you feel and what happened to this guy, and if he is decent he will understand. But be very cautious, if he at all starts to be violent jsut leave. I wish you all the best, hope you do manage to find love again! You deserve it after going through so much pain!
• Indonesia
30 Jun 09
thanks. Thank you so much.
@robert19ph (4584)
• Philippines
29 Jun 09
hello aozora, In my own opinion, since you have a bad experienced to your last relationship, I think you need to slow down a little beat. Afterall, t'was only three months. Be friends to them for a while, to know them better. Having another relationship will not help you forget the past. Getting to know them more is much better tahn going into deeper relationship. They will understand you and they can wait if they really love you.
• Indonesia
29 Jun 09
"they can wait if they really love you" thanks i like that sentences.
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@sksrin (111)
• India
4 Jul 09
come..on yaar u r thinking about the one...who never thought abt u...else he would hurted u tht bad.... i will suggest u to go for it....and if the new guy really loves u...he will nt let u cry fr ur Ex...