i met a guy from the navy!!

July 4, 2009 2:30am CST
oh! im currently here in singapore for work. And last week i met a guy in a club he's from the navy and we really clicked.. we had a lot in common. he asked me for my number and wasn't really expecting that he will sent me a message and then we dated for 3 days.. we kissed and he tells me that he likes me he also asked me on how he can email me on my cellphone and i said " i don't know" and he told me that he's gonna find a way how to reach me he also told me that he is admiring me a lot. and when he left its been a week now and havent heard from him i actually emailed him twice but no respond yet. He was heading for the persian gulf and i don't know what's goin on with him now.. ive been thinking about him cant stand it! what should i do?? should i expect from his responds? or i should moved on with my life? some friends told me that navy's on mission has no time for themselves so they told me to wait and see... so i need your advice.. THANKS MY LOTTERS...
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• India
4 Jul 09
Hmm...I must say it is a confusing situation. What I feel is that you should wait atleast for like a month or two. If navy is on a mission then its pretty obvious that guy is not checking his e-mail. Don't just jump to conclusions :) Give him some time. But if after max. 2 months you don't hear from him then don't hesistate to get into another relationship. Maybe you both were meant to be together only for those 3 beautiful days. Take care. I hope everything will be fine. :)