Lane Furniture

United States
November 12, 2006 6:31pm CST
I purchased 2 Lane Recliners from Lane Furniture in Irvine, CA The chairs were purchased due to a recommendion of a sales man at a completing store. The sales man made a point that furniture should fit the size of the person. We found a chair in the store that felt right and found that that model measured 19 inches from the front of the seat to the back of the seat. We had to order the chairs because the did not have fabric in the store that we wanted. After being told that Lane was high quality furniture we felt secure in placing the order. When the chairs were delivered we decided they did not feel as comfortable as the chair we liked in the store. We then measured the chairs front to back and found that one of the chairs was 20 inches from fron to back and the other was almost 21 inches. So far we have not got any reply to the Email I sent to customer servce from their website. I feel that the chairs we got were not the chairs we ordered. At this point we have not got a satisfactory reply to our complaint. Has any one else had similar problems with Lane Furniture??? Joseph Hall 11-12-06
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