Did you let your BF/GF walk with their friend only both?

July 10, 2009 12:04am CST
Hi friends, I have a thought that bother me last night ... Did you let your boyfriend or girlfriend walk with their friend, walk only them both? i mean just two of them without you by their side? It's been bothering me, because my hons seems have objections about this, when my friend call me to take me a walk, of course i tell my hons about this, to get his permit, but i'm admit i'm a little bit peeve about his objections ... What do you think? Did you let your boy/girl friend walk just two of them without your side? Do you have this kind of experiences?Tell me what should i do ..
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@phayeth (519)
• Philippines
10 Jul 09
i always trust my boyfriend.. so i'm bothered.. if they'll just walk... all by themselves
• Indonesia
13 Jul 09
You trust him, but you keep bothered? can you explain more, what keeps make you feel bother while you trusting him? did you mean that you trust your boyfriend, but you didn't trust his friends?
• New Zealand
10 Jul 09
This question is easy. The answer is, Do you trust your partner? Because it doesn't mattter if you don't trust the other person, It is your partner who needs to do right by you, Even if the other person makes a move you need to be able to trust your partner to do the right thing and turn them down. If you can't trust your partner with this any and every problem is your problem so move on and let her have a life
• Indonesia
10 Jul 09
I'm her not him, so you will let your girlfriend walk with other man? this is the matter of trust you think? mmm ... did she let you walk with another girl also? do you have experiences about this?