In what vehicle you like to travel?

@ragikutty (2460)
Kerala, India
July 11, 2009 9:59am CST
Do you wanna ride a car or a bike by yourself or do you like to travel with a driver or in buses, trains and planes where you can sit and enjoy ? I love to drive a 2 wheeler myself, but not getting chance because my father doesn't let me.
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@laurahen (596)
• Canada
14 Jul 09
This completely depends on where i'm going. If i'm going about 400 km away then i'm fine to sit in a car or bus. If i'm not able get a car ride then i could go on the train. The train is much more expensive but you have so much more room to spread out and walk around in. If i'm going around the city i live in there are many ways to get around. If it's close then i'll probably walk or bike over. If it's across the city then i will take public transit which is really fast.
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• India
12 Jul 09
I think a bike is lot more cooler than a car. But that is not always the safer option. I love driving around but i think everyone needs a change. For longer journeys I do prefer the train having tavelled most of last year by train. In a train, being a nature lover, I can sit back and enjoy the world around me which you hardly notice when you are driving. I really don't enjoy a journey by the flight. It is a good option if you want to reach your destination really quick, but you would miss all that could have happened if you had made the same journey by train or bus. I belive that you can learn a lot through your journeys by train , bus and flight. You can discuss your views with different people. You get to learn new things from them. It can form a really good base from which you can build your concepts about the world around you and understand it better.
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@celticeagle (118280)
• Boise, Idaho
12 Jul 09
All this really depends. If I am traveling around town I just take my old car. If I go out of town I rent a car I can depend on so I enjoy my trip. If I have to get there quickly because I don't have much time then I would take a bus if it wasn't too far away, a train if it was past some scenic areas, and, a plane if it was over desert or not real interesting terrain.
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@maximax8 (28256)
• United Kingdom
11 Jul 09
I love to travel by train most of all. In the day I can enjoy looking out of the window. During the night I can sleep in a comfortable compartment. I like the amount of legroom and being able to walk up and down if I need to. The journey is smooth and the engine makes a pleasant noise. I have been on trains in Europe, the USA, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.
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