internet language

@ongtina (1232)
July 17, 2009 1:15am CST
Okay, I'm not very advance and knows little about new techs and etc. There are many a time when I go on the net and doesn't understand what I see written. So far, I know gg = good game lol = lots of laugh wtf = what the f--- ( 4 letter word ) sorry What other can you share?
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@anotheri (42)
• China
17 Jul 09
I know little before. But here in Mylot I have learned a lot. plz or pls =please 4u is easy, it means for you gf, gf is easy too, it means boyfriend, girlfriend. cu or seeya or C ya =see you ur = your hubby = husband rox = rocks sxc = sexy asap = as soon as possible tomorrow = 2moro OMG = oh my god atm = at the moment. BTW = by the way R U OK? = are you ok? PPL = people. XU is kiss you. SP = support 9t is night. w8 is wait. gr8 is great. Then I noticed that there are some rule: R is are. U is you. Y is why. 2 is to or too. 4 is for. C often means see. So 2gether is together. B4 is before lol, C ya, Ongtina!
@ongtina (1232)
• Singapore
18 Jul 09
OMG that's a lot of new short-cut words. Thks, UR gr8.