what you think between two person hve a relationship but the guy have a wife?

July 25, 2009 9:50am CST
well i ask dat cos i have friend have boyfriend now for almost 5 yrs relationship but the guy have a wife. so means my friend is a mistress.. i tell her dat she need to give up dat relationship but she love him so much the guy... wat she can do ? wat is your opinion?
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@devmitra (274)
• India
25 Jul 09
Helo Catherina.Emotions are most effective,when accompanied with reason.Since,the boy has a wife and a family,the best your friend can do for the person she loves,is to leave him.Please do explain that she is ruining her life as well as her family and true love doesn't demand anything,not even the company of her beloved.If this doesn't work,ask her how would she feel if she found her husband having an xtra marital affair,but at the same time sooth her with compassionate,friendly words,so that she doesn't feel left out. Make her feel that as a friend,you are always there to support her.Iam sure she will understand,if she loves her man,not from her heart,but from her soul.Happy Mylotting.
• Philippines
25 Jul 09
thank 4 your opinion my sis.. hope my friend realise dat
• United States
27 Jul 09
I don't know for sure but I would tell your friend like, do you understand that he's cheating on you for these five years also? Or that what if he leaves his wife how do you know he won't this same thing to you? Your friend is just going to have to make her own decision when it comes to this one. I really don't agree with cheating and all that because to many people get hurt in the process if everything comes to light.