reading and writing site, write to earn

@ongtina (1232)
July 30, 2009 3:32am CST
I noticed many people are looking for a free reading site and also a paying writing site. It is really nice when people like to read what you write and best if you can earn from it. The site I have is a free reading site and all kinds of writing are in, from horror and thrillers to romance ,mystery and children. Poems are in too. You get to read a chapter that the author posted and if you like it, you bookmark it and you get to read the whole book from chapter one. If you like a certain author, you can also see all the books/writing that he/she had written. There are many free ongoing writing competitions and prized at $100. However you have to be a paid member $2.80 per month with risk-free 7 days. Being a paid member lets you have the opportunity to compete for $100 and also write and post any poems or novels. Any writing you post will definitely have at least 3 feedbacks/reviews and hence you get to improve on your writing skills. If lucky, your writing may be spotted by publishers. There is no earnings by referral in money terms, only as tokens to promote your own writings. It is free to join and read, so if you want the site, write a comment here and add me as friend. I cannot post the link here. Happy reading and writing.
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